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The Program for People Who Don't Want to do Another Frikkin' Program

The Sacred Buddy Program is a membership site, a community, and an online toolbox for how to do human-ing betterer. 

A departure from the Old Grey Panties paradigm of the self-help game, this program switches out the guru on their pedestal for brilliant, practical, and (almost) fool-proof tools to catalyze development in your relationships and your life.

This program works alongside ANY of your current practices and everything you have ever learnt before. We are not trying to add to your existing shizz. (But we probably will because we do the overdelivering thing. You're welcome).

We exist to support you in INTEGRATING everything you want to integrate over time, making it an intrinsic part of your world.

It also has enough juicy content to be a standalone program.
#options #youareincontrol #controlisanillusion

You can join us at any time! 

You will be matched with a buddy and guided through a monthly theme (that isn't in any particular order) in all areas of existence that matter to you-- like sex.

And... There must be others... Ah, yes: Money. And spirituality. And time. And addictions and emotional regulation. And ethics and integrity. And family. And relationships. Y'know. All the things. 



One month will not give you a lotta time to connect with a buddy (our matching you with a good one can take at least a couple weeks sometimes). 

So we do recommend that you try the 3 month option. But this is here if you want it, and we welcome you. #commitmentissues?

Most Popular

3 Month membership


The best option for you to truly taste what the Sacred Fool Buddy Program has to offer you but even at this extremely reasonable price for a shed load of content, not the most bargain-y of all. 

Annual Membership (save £54 -£126)


It like... saves you money n stuff. Which is super smart. 

You commit, which makes you want to get stuck in and show up for you and your buddy. 

It's the good juju. 

What it's all about:

Month to Month rolling content 

It doesn't matter when in our yearly cycle you begin-- dive in any time! Each month we will present you with a new practice theme-- relationships, money, meditation, health, community, metiér (purpose)-- and more.

We will even text you encouragement and inspiration throughout the month. (Unless you don't want us to. All good. Seriously, it's not gonna like bother us or whatever.)

Monthly theme 

At the beginning of each month, we will unveil new meditations, contemplations, goal-setting strategies, and mind-bogglingy enlightening talks in both video and audio format (whatever floats your boat, man); as well as new call-outlines for you and your buddy.

These monthly themes coalesce to form a comprehensive integrated spirituality.

The Me and We spaces are the starting point when you sign up, are accessible 24/7, and new additions are made to them monthly. 

ME space

These are a menu of straightforward, practical exercises, without any religious trappings, including both heart-centered practices for fostering high states of love and joy; and concentration and insight techniques for developing sharper psychological awareness, more sophisticated emotional regulation, and a deeper connection to yourself and, y'know, all the things.

WE space

This sweet space features an array of highly pragmatic tools that can be applied to improve relationships of any kind — friends, family, romantic partners, your Uber driver... These interpersonal practices are carefully designed relational meditations and partner exercises for increasing skill at attunement, empathy, and compassion. You're going to get super-connecty.

The LIVE bit 

Each month, there will be two "check in" calls-- live online discussion groups with diverse coaches, therapists and general superstars, experts on the theme of that month. These discussions are designed to complement the buddy format, and teach you more ME and WE tools. You will also have access to the Sacred Buddy playground, an online community chatting area.

The check in calls are a safe venue to speak to expert therapists and coaches. You will also have the option of getting in touch with those experts to book private sessions if intense stuff comes up.


You will be invited to fill out a questionnaire, and based on your answers, we will match you with a buddy. You can check in with us about changing buddies whenever you like, and we will give you very clear call-guidelines, so it's not awkward AF.

Also, although we strongly encourage you to make use of the buddy practice, you don't have to! You will benefit from your membership even if you choose to opt out of this. You will have plenty of solo stuff to do, plus the community conversations, the Office Hours calls, and of course the Me and We spaces.

  • “Just had an inspiring call with lots of laughter with my sacred buddy.......don't know how you guys did the pairing, however this pair of monkeys has amazing potential for fun (and serious self development, if we must 😊)”

  • “Just had my first buddy call, very cool. First, a very good match! Both disorganised, only barely caught up with program material, one of us hadn't read the guidelines for the call (*blush*) but we quickly agreed a structure and went for it. Very very illuminating experience, a lot of insight came from it. ”

  • “Buddy call night. What a genius part of this course. I have experienced a day of joy, fear, love and terror. And it's only 2.25 pm. During all of this, I have felt able to watch it all happening, calmly, providing some care for the characters drawn out to experience these things. And give them a lot of love. Alongside this new superpower (that I wish was there all the time), my buddy has provided insight and support borne of true empathy. ”

  • “A few things I was struggling with during the last months/years are finally dissolving through the maze.
    Feels like I was driving with the handbrake on all this time.
    Thanks for creating all this wonderful content.”

  • “I feel blissed out!
    Deeply re connected to the real me again ' it feels so good to feel the energy pulsating through me like a wave of pure love.”

  • “I laughed and cried equally. A tiny part of my mission statement (which evoked the biggest emotion) - I will love deeply and without fear of loss, I will know that I am, and always have been good enough.... ”

The money bit

We are here, with arms metaphorically wide open. Join us anytime. 



  • Buddy matching
  • Access to the ME and WE spaces 
  • New audio + video content every month on our theme
  • Call guidelines for you and your buddy.
  • 2 x live calls monthly
  • Texts of love and support
  • Community chat area
  • You will be charged every month on the date you sign up. You can cancel at any time.  You will not be charged until August. 
Most Popular

3 Month membership


  • Buddy matching
  • Access to the ME and WE spaces 
  • New audio + video content every month on our theme
  • Call guidelines for you and your buddy.
  • 2 x live calls monthly
  • Texts of love and support
  • Community chat area
  • You will be charged every month on the date you sign up. After the initial three months you can cancel at any time. But you won't want to. 
  • You will not be charged until August. 

Annual Membership (save £54 -£126)


  • Buddy matching
  • Access to the ME and WE spaces 
  • New audio + video content every month on our theme
  • Call guidelines for you and your buddy.
  • 2 x live calls monthly
  • Texts of love and support
  • Community chat area
  • You will be charged a one off fee for the whole time Sacred Buddy exists, in any iteration and including any new developments or upgrades. We commit to running this program for a minimum of 3 years. 

Whatever you want to do...

Whether it’s to expand your horizons with new hobbies, workout when you say you are going to, finish that piece of work or paint that wall in your house, (ie: all the things that happen ALL THE TIME AND DO NOT END, because life), then this program could help you. 
When you are experiencing procrastination, doubt, being gripped or frozen by fear or analysis paralysis…. whatever it is that is nagging at you again and again. this program could help you. 
If you are having a meltdown around an email you just got, you just found out you are overdrawn at the bank and are having a panic, you just screamed at your kid and you are in some kind of a pickle, this program could help you. 
When you are unable to sleep or are totes freaking out during the day and need functional tools that can ease your anxiety, this program could help you. 
During the most stressful points in your life, when you know it's just not feasible to lean on your friends and family 24/7, this program is here for you. 
If you don’t know who to share your triumphs and successes with, (because sometimes people can get jealous or society has some weirdness around “doesn’t she think she’s great” stuff, like it’s a bad thing) - this program is for you.
When you're down and troubled, And you need some love and care, And nothing, nothing is going right - this community will surely have someone you can call who will sing the whole song "You've got a Friend" to you in the middle of the night.*
*this is not a promise and the Sacred Buddy Program does not guarantee any results, musical or otherwise.

We like BIG BUTS and we cannot lie 

Here are some of the questions people frequently ask us.

If we missed any, please email us:

Will this take up a ton of time?

No. Well. It depends what you mean by a ton of time. We are talkin 2 x 1 hour calls a month (that you can show up to live or listen / watch later). Then your calls with your buddy. We try to match you with someone who wants the same level of time commitment as you. Roughly. So you could speak 30 mins a week or 3 hours if you BOTH really wanted. Then there's the audios and videos. You know what they say. Time flies when you are witnessing true genius. Also - HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU SPEND FAFFING ABOUT? This program actually helps you with time management too. So THERE YOU HAVE IT. 

"BUT what if I don't like my buddy?"

You can haz another one, just ask. 

"BUT what if I can't keep up?"

You just get back on the horse when you are ready, there's no behind. 
As the Sufi poet Rumi said: "Come, come, whoever you are,
Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving,
It doesn’t matter.
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Come, even if you have broken your vow
a thousand times.
Come, come again, come.”

"BUT how is this different from just calling a friend?"

Friends are awesome. But sacred buddies are different— there’s a special format for the calls, and you’ll focus on particular themes to keep your conversations on point. You keep a clean and intentional connection with your buddy, a little bit like having a sponsor in AA, except the relationship is mutual, reciprocal.

BUT what if I change my mind / want to cancel?

For our rolling monthly option, you can cancel anytime you choose.

For our founding members - once we have closed registration for the first 40 people you will have a week to request a refund so that we can allow others to join if you decide not to. 

BUT is there a discount when i sign up for longer?

YES! If you sign up for the annual membership you save £101 pounds. Which is a big percentage. 

BUT if I sign up for the monthly option, when will I be charged?

When you sign up you are committing to your account to be automatically debited each month. You can cancel anytime. If you signed up for the £29 per month option you are committing to at least three months to start and then you cancel whenever you like. 

But what if I cannot make the office hour calls?

We will be sending out recordings of the calls with permission from all who shared (you can be edited out if you prefer for the recordings). You can also send us your questions to be answered if you can't be there live. 

BUT what if I'm not on Facebook?

SO WHAT?! Have you noticed people wanting to come off social media recently? There's a mass exodus at the moment and we all need a breather. We have our own online community that has nothing to do with the Zuckercrew nobody is going to start showing you adverts for pet food. 

These free texts from Sacred Buddy are from a group of lovely, humble, funny and super wise favourite-folk. (Jamie Catto, Sacred Fool extraordinaire will feature, yes!)

Every now and again (and not too often), we will text you something that is equivalent to our best social media posts (without the scrolling and losing 45 minutes of your life).

Only worthwhile and important and poignant and useful... Not all hippy dippy bliss bunny meme nonsense but real, honest, funny and moving stuff.


Won't you join us?
Fierce Love..... Lisa X

So who is behind these shenanigans? 

We are a collective of luminaries, practitioners and teachers, smushed together by Lisa Larn, founder of Academy of the Sacred Fool.

But this isn't about us. This is about the plethora of ancient and contemporary tools, teachings and other brilliant things that we know work.

We provide a space for connection to happen and because humans like and need that shiz, it invariably does.


For the past 15 years or so I have been concocting different versions of this program - with the intention of bringing together an array of fabulous techniques, tools and teachings that stand up by themselves without needing a guru / teacher to facilitate. 

I'm seeing a growing need for us to leave the patriarchal systems of spirituality at the door and each create our own personal system centered around community and connection. Humans are wired for this. 

The tools and practices are not mine, they are everybody's. I am not claiming to be reinventing the wheel, just providing a container.  

We have thousands of years of wisdom here, tweaked for the crazy times we are living in. You can choose what works and leave the rest. 

I hope they speak to you, 

With heartfelt love